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Providus Diaspora Luxe Account enables Nigerians who reside and work outside the country to maintain transactional accounts and perform domestic and foreign transfers through their accounts with the bank.

We provide Nigerians in the diaspora with top of the range investment opportunities and an experience of luxury and lifestyle services.

Any Nigerian living abroad can open a Providus Diaspora Luxe account and enjoy all its benefits.

Diaspora accounts can be opened online by

  • Download the Providus Bank mobile app to open an account
  • providusbank.com-open an account

1. Proof of Identity from a Nigerian authority.

  • Valid means of Identification such as Valid International passport.
  • Valid Driver’s license.
  • National Identity Number (NIN)or
    oNotarized foreign passport).
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN) should be provided before or not later than two weeks (2weeks) after account opening.
    BVN registration centres (click here)-
    Shows customers
    Customer selects either and gets redirected to vendors site.

2. Valid Proof of Residential Address such as

  • A notarized proof of foreign address or Bank statement from a foreign bank.
  • Copy of utility bill issued within the last three months showing the same address as supplied.
  • Stamped Banker’s Confirmation
  • Bank/Credit statement issued within the last three months showing customer address.

3. Passport photograph: A recent passport photograph not latter that 6 months Notary Public: Proof of Foreign Address and Valid Means of Identification must be attested to or verified by any of the under listed authorities;

  • Notary Public/court/ lawyer/solicitor.
  • Nigerian Embassy/High commission/Consulate in customer’s country of residence.
  • Your foreign bankers.
  • Government Security Agencies.
  • Commissioner for Oath.

Yes, you can.
Download the update form the website, fill, and attach a notarized copy of your foreign Valid ID card and Proof of Address and scan to diasporabankinggroup@providusbank.com

You can access your account through any of the following channels:

  • Mobile banking: Access your account by downloading and registering the secure Providus plus application on your phone.
  • Debit Cards: Through our Platinum and classic Naira Mastercard, Dollar Visa debit card and prepaid verve and Mastercard, you can access your naira and/or dollar accounts through ATMs, POS and WEB anywhere in the world.
  • Internet banking: Access your account through our 24hour real-time internet banking option and transfer funds back home, pay bills, and do much more.

The interest rate for Diaspora Luxe is 2%
How do i fund their account?
You can fund your Diaspora Luxe account through :

  • Direct bank transfers.
  • Cheques deposits.
  • Money transfer operators (Western Union, Money Gram, World Remit)

Next steps

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