; olubukola Ajetunmobi

Olubukola A. Ajetunmobi

Chief Information Officer

Olubukola Ajetunmobi is a highly accomplished information technology professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in the banking industry. As Head of Information Technology in various organisations, he has consistently demonstrated competent ability in leveraging technology solutions to optimise business operations and enhance customer experience.

Olubukola is currently the Chief Information Officer at Providus Bank Limited. Prior to this, he held leadership positions in reputable organisations including Skye Bank (presently Polaris Bank), Mainstreet Bank and Afribank as Head of Information Technology Business Solutions, Internal Control, and Information Systems Audit respectively. Throughout his career, he has played pivotal roles in building and executing strategies that not only align with the organisations’ goals and business objectives but have also contributed to effectively delivering innovative and cost-effective technology solutions to drive digital transformation within the banking industry.

Olubukola’s expertise extends across a broad spectrum of information technology domains, including information systems audit and control, IT corporate governance, network security management, core banking applications, cybersecurity, infrastructure management, and digital banking applications. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape, which has enabled him to design and oversee the implementation of robust systems that support the evolving digital landscape, particularly offering an enabling environment for FINTECH collaboration and innovation.

In addition to his exceptional banking career, he is a seasoned learner. He holds a B.Tech. and an MBA from some of the country’s finest institutions and has pursued numerous professional certifications. He has actively participated in several conferences and forums, locally and internationally, actively engaging with other seasoned professionals, thought leaders, innovators, and industry experts, through which he stays up to date with the latest developments in technology and banking.

Overall, he has had a remarkable career, blending expertise and extensive banking experience. He is an excellent leader and Chief Information Officer who is currently a member of the 2023 International Data Corporation (IDC) West Africa Advisory Council. He is committed to excellence and innovative transformations in the banking industry while also adapting to change and a rapidly growing technology industry.

In his spare time, Olubukola explores his interests in computer programming and emerging technologies beyond the banking industry; he also loves to read books on leadership, technology trends, and personal development. He enjoys travelling and exploring new experiences, finding great joy in meeting people and indulging them in an occasional game of Scrabble.