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Walter Akpani

Managing Director / CEO

Walter Akpani is a banker with over three decades of experience. He holds a Master of Science degree in Finance from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Walter has been actively involved in bank start-ups in Nigeria. He was a pioneer staff member of ICON Stockbrokers, a restructuring team member at Commercial Trust Bank, pioneer staff at Standard Trust Bank Plc now United Bank for Africa (UBA) and pioneer staff at Platinum Bank Ltd.

He is a distinguished Treasurer in the Nigerian banking industry, having led the Treasury departments of ICON Stockbrokers, Commercial Trust Bank and PlatinumBank (now Keystone Bank).

He also served as Group Head, Financial Institutions department in Standard Trust Bank (now UBA) and Group Head, Investment Banking at Platinum Bank Limited.

Walter disengaged from Platinum Bank Ltd, as Vice President, Institutional Banking, to start United Mortgage Bank Limited, which has now metamorphosed into ProvidusBank.

A change agent with very strong interpersonal skills and industry depth, Walter Akpani is well respected within and outside the industry and has been able to build up an effective network of contacts and associates in most strategic sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Walter is actively involved in youth development through tennis in Nigeria.