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ProvidusBank AliExpress promo

Providus classic and platinum Mastercard cardholders get up to 40% off when they make a purchase from AliExpress until 31 August 2024. (Or until incentives are utilized)

Spend and Get

  • Spend $100, get $20
  • Spend $150, get $45
  • Spend $200, get $80
The offer is valid until 31 August 2024, subject to discount availability.
  • Product Type: ProvidusBank Mastercard debit cards
  • Product Tier: Classic Platinum
  • All benefits are only available three times per ProvidusBank Mastercard cardholder on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The offer is valid until 31 August 2024, subject to discount availability
  • Offer only available when ship-to address is Nigeria.
  • Offer only valid for ProvidusBank Classic and Platinum Mastercard cardholder
  • Offer applies on the AliExpress app or website.
  • The applicable discount is instant and NOT cashback. Check the discount has been applied before submitting final payment.
  • The discount information will be shown on the check-out page when the ProvidusBank discount is applicable.
  • If payment is canceled or not completed during the payment process, the one-time ProvidusBank discount will be considered as used and cannot be applied to future orders.
  • Providus Bank holds the right to discontinue the campaign, and subsequently, discount offer availability at any point.