Platinum MasterCard

The Platinum Mastercard is a debit card issued in partnership with Mastercard International and avails cardholders exclusive access to premium benefits.

Card Information

There are three variants of the Platinum Mastercard namely;

  • Platinum Naira Mastercard: Denominated in Naira, the Platinum Naira Mastercard is linked to customers Naira (current or savings) account.
  • Platinum Dollar Mastercard: Denominated in USD, the Platinum Dollar Mastercard is linked to customers Domiciliary (USD) account
  • Platinum GBP Mastercard: Denominated in GBP, the Platinum GBP Mastercard is linked to customers Domiciliary (GBP) account

  • It can be linked to either (or both) Savings or Current Account type
  • Functional on all channels – ATM, POS, Web where the Mastercard decal/logo is displayedworldwide Get 24/7 access to cash from ATMs in Nigeria and Abroad
  • Enjoy higher daily transaction limits on local ATM withdrawals.
  • No charges for Online or POS Terminal Transactions
  • Chip and PIN technology to guard against unauthorized transactions.
  • Valid for 3 years.

  • Free access to Lounge at Lagos (Local & Int’l) and Abuja (Int’l) Airports VIP Lounge (MMA2) b. Gabfol Lounge (except MMA2)
  • Access to over 600+ Airport lounges at a discounted rate
  • International transactions up to 3000USD/Month
  • Purchase Protection Offers
  • MyUs Premium Membership & Shipping Discount
  • Eligibility for AVIS car rental at a discount
  • Higher International transactions up to 100,000USD/Annum

  • Open an individual current or savings account to get a platinum card

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