Platinum Naira Credit card

Card Information

  • Customer must be confirmed and full staff of employer with consistent salary.
  • Customer’s salary account must be domiciled in ProvidusBank.
  • Salary must not be lower than N100K.
  • Customer must have positive credit report.

  • Staff id
  • Letter of introduction from the employer of the applicant, stating his monthly salary, confirmation status and current job role.
  • Valid id (international passport, Driver’s license Permanent Voter’s Card or National ID Card.)
  • Last 3 month pay slips.

  • Customer must have a Business account with ProvidusBank.
  • Collateral requirement of 120% coverage
  • Customer must have positive credit report.

  • Valid id (international passport, Driver’s license Permanent Voter’s Card or National ID Card.)
  • Collateral of up to 120% of limit being requested.
  • Duly Filled Credit card form.


  • Salary customers are eligible for a credit limit of 10% of their annual gross salary.

  • No, you do not need a collateral to obtain the Platinum Naira Credit card. What is required is your salary to be irrevocably domiciled in ProvidusBank.

  • You must earn a minimum of N100k

  • You are only expected to repay what you have utilized. E.g., if you have N500k limit and you used N200K from it, you are expected to pay back N200K and accrued interest as when repayment is due. You are expected to fund your salary account before due date for the monthly repayment.

  • Yes, it allows for maximum of $3,000 monthly international spend limit which is also subject to the limit you are eligible for.

  • No, you will only be charged if you utilize the card.

  • Yes, you can obtain the Platinum Naira Credit card when you meet the product requirements for Business owners.


  • Access to immediate cash needs before payday for salaried customers
  • Card can be used for international payment for products/services on merchants’ terminal that solely requests for Credit card mode of payment.
  • Helps customer to build good credit history overtime.
  • 45 days interest free period for first time customer
  • It provides a convenient repayment method as customer is only expected to pay utilized amount.

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