; Classic mastercard

Classic MasterCard

The Classic Mastercard is a Naira denominated debit card issued in partnership with MasterCard International. It is linked to customers current and/or savings account and can be used for transactions via various acceptance channels (ATM, POS and Web) both locally and internationally.

Card Information

  • It can be linked to either (or both) Savings or Current Account type
  • Functional on all channels – ATM, POS, Web where the Mastercard decal/logo is displayed
  • Secured by a 4-Digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)for Card-Present transaction and One-time password (SecureCode) for Card-Not-Present transactions.
  • Has 3-year validity period
  • Has a unique BIN (Bank Identification Number) as part of the card number
  • Can access Value added services (VAS) i.e. cable TV, Utilities, Airtime Recharge etc.
  • Enabled for One Time Password (OTP) for all Web payments.

  • Individual current/savings account.

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