Introducing eNaira, the Central Bank of Nigeria's (CBN) digital currency.

For the First time ever, a CBDC (eNaira) can be issued a debit Card and ProvidusBank is pioneering this possibility by issuing a Verve Debit Card on eNaira Wallet. Click the button below to order yours now.

What You Need to Know About eNaira

It is a digital currency issued by the Nigerian government with the same value with the fiat (regular) currency. It utilities block chain technology.​

  • Financial inclusion
  • Fast and secured means of
  • Increase cross-border trade

  • Download eNaira APP called Speed from APP store: create an account and select ProvidusBank as bank of choice.
  • Use the invitation code received from ProvidusBank to sign up
  • Authenticate yourself: – Enter BVN, Date of birth, email address, phone number, choose preferred password and a notification will be sent to you from your bank of choice.
  • You are good to go: – Fund your wallet with Providus Internet Banking or Mobile app and start sending, receiving and managing your eNaira.


It is the digital version of the physical naira issued and regulated by Central Bank of Nigeria.

It is a digital storage that holds eNaira.

You can easily fund your wallet directly from Providus Internet Banking or the Mobile APP.

  • Fast, cheap, reliable payment channel
  • Financial inclusion of persons not yet in the financial system
  • Ease in social intervention programs
  • Support for digital economy
  • Simplified and easy cross-border payments and trade

The eNaira will have same value as the physical Naira.

The eNaira is the digital form of the physical cash and is a direct liability on the Central Bank of Nigeria while the customer deposits are direct liabilities on the financial institutions.

No, it will circulate alongside cash. The eNaira will complement cash as a less costly, efficient, generally accepted, safe and trusted means of payment.

Yes, you can pay merchants, billers and make P2P wallet transactions at zero cost.

Customers will be able to access eNaira via the eNaira wallet in app stores such as Google playstore and the Apple store.

The invitation code is one of the requirements to sign up on the eNaira wallet.

Yes, it is safe and secured.

For further enquiries kindly contact: walletservice_solution@providusbank.com

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