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The ProvidusBank Expatriate Card allows your dependants (Wife, Kids, Parents etc) to get a card to carryout semaless transactions.

Card and Product Information

Do you have dependents who can’t open account due to documentation constraints? Do you know you can issue a secondary Card?

We are excited to inform you that our card issuing model ensures your dependants (Wife, Kids, Parents etc.) get a card for transactions seamlessly. The cards can carry out ATM, POS, web transactions and can be used to shop online, pay bills and subscriptions (Sportify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showmax, Microsoft, Google pay etc).

The Card absolves your dependent of the security risk of carrying cash around and provides easy integration to Nigeria without hassles.

  • Send a request to open a sub-account under your customer record
  • Request the bank to issue a card on that sub-account in the name of the dependant.
  • Request that all security OTP is routed to dependants' phone and email
  • The card will be processed and delivered to primary customer.

  • The sub-account can be accessed by the dependant through our online platforms.

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